Elementare Bauteile

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Quarks (plural)  als Input. Einstein wäre stolz auf mich, mhm... na gut, Ihr dürft mich  Halbstein nennen.

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Sally 03/16/2009 22:24

Hi Paco & Milo

It's regular quark, and I love it. And of course you can have one, you need only to pop bye. Thank you for watching my pictures. I like yours too. Wishing you also a great week.

Paco & Milo 03/16/2009 15:57

Hi dear Sally!!!!
what you're eating??
it looks soooooooooooo delicious!!!
mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....can we have some???
you look so happy and cute and we love a lot your photo.....
have a great week baby!!!!
lots of love and kisses!!!